MTEC Roofing

At MTEC Roofing we specialise in maintenance - whether it's a minor roof repair or a major roof restoration, we offer you an honest assessment and provide options to suit the level of security and peace of mind you desire.

There is no denying that a professionally restored roof can add value and provide you with a home you are proud to own. However, beauty is not just skin deep. Due to the harsh weather conditions in Queensland there is a high percentage of roofs that leak. In many cases the symptoms of these leaks may not even be apparent, for example ceiling insulation will mask this issue.

To ensure you protect your home from damaging and often expensive water leaks, it needs to be 'serviced' just like our cars.

If you have a tiled roof, you may not be aware that you could have issues such as:

  • Cracked or broken cement mortar bedding to the ridge or hip capping
  • Cracked or broken roof tiles
  • Displaced roof tiles
  • Blocked drainage channels under the 'sidelaps' of individual tiles
  • Flashings blocked, damaged or displaced

MTEC has been operating since 2000 and we have a wealth of experience within the industry. We are a hands on business and focus on quality as opposed to quantity. To ensure we have full control of all work in progress, we restrict our output to a maximum of eight roofing jobs per week.

WHAT CONDITION IS YOUR ROOF REALLY IN? For the price of a phone call or a click of a button, we will provide an independent comprehensive report on the health of your roof.